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La'Conde Pink Lip Serum - For Soft and Shiny Lips 30ml

La'Conde Pink Lip Serum - For Soft and Shiny Lips 30ml

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Package Contains: Pink Lip Serum Oil- For Soft and Shiny Lips -Ideal For Men and Women Brand: La'Conde Weight: 30ml Description: La'Conde effectively exfoliates dead lip skin, brightens dark lips, restores natural lip color, makes damaged & dead lips soft & kissable, lightens lip stains, heals dry and chapped lips, hydrates and moisturizes lips. It is scientifically blended with shea butter, beeswax & vitamin-E which boosts collagen, treats wrinkle lips, & repairs damaged lips. It relieves chapping and dryness, as well as preventing it from worsening. Creating a barrier between your skin & environment, it stops moisture from escaping, keeping them soft. You should always use a lip Serum daily, because it Protects your lips from sun damage & keep them soft, smooth and healthy, it?s the skincare tool you can carry with you everywhere. No side effects, paraben & sulphate free. completely safe for daily use.

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